Luisa Balduzzi and Alfonso Leonessa

When I started working as sales & export manager in the early 1980s, the Eastern European countries were locked in a curtain of iron. Obviously, then, commercial relations were almost nonexistent.
In the early 1990s, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, several East European brave architects and design enthusiasts began a commendable work of  preading the culture of furnishings and design, the way we have been accustomed to living it since always in the West. I looked with curiosity and admiration to these missionaries propagators of design, showroom owners, designers, specialized design magazine editors (most of very first do not exist anymore by the way) who have undertaken a long meritorious project activity, constantly updating and persuading difficult end clients, winning prejudices and perplexity of customers that needed to be educated to new horizons.
Today, many of these have become successful entrepreneurs, and their showrooms are of the highest standard. After years of retail and project development, in the early 2000s Eastern European countries have become an open, dynamic market full of verve, historic homes brought to new life, beautiful buildings have been or are being masterly restored. Alba Sales Consulting vocation has always been to discover and promote innovative design collections, made by brilliant creative, great projects but lacking the necessary know-how to bring them successfuly to the market. We were loyal to this design scouting line for the Europa East distribution project too, out of our will and interest to contribute to diffuse and make the design universe popular in Countries & Markets that were progressively becoming more fertile. Our magazine is a tribute to the brands belonging to our portfolio. We thought about gathering the products by themes to find new inspirations, and look at them with other eyes.

Alfonso Leonessa