A collection of special objects to live with and inhabit, a catalogue of design gems chosen from the repertoire of a great master, Angelo Mangiarotti, who has contributed scores of excellent projects and several masterpieces to the history of design. The collection includes objects for everyday living, all very diverse, although designed by the same author, extremely relevant to today’s needs, and consistent, despite having been designed over a fifty-year period. Conceived by a designer who has been able to experiment with and establish new reference parameters in typology, form and construction, the collection proposes objects that deal in an unconventional way with the objects that inhabit our lives (chairs, tables, shelves and storage units), making them functional in an intelligent, innovative way, and giving them appropriate, yet sophisticated and unusual form.

Iota is handmade furniture and accessory luxury brand.
Since established in 2014, iota designs signature rugs, poufs, stools, home accessories and a swing collection, all hand made from our exclusive selection of yarns and featured in exhibitions, magazines and design blogs as: Dezeen, Sight unseen and others. As a social Business we provide work for underprivileged communities. Our hand work is carried out by women working from their homes. We teach them the skill and supply work for them. We believe in women empowerment and giving back to society. Our yarns are bespoke. Designed and produced exclusively by us, from highest quality cotton and polyester. They are a new, contemporary interpretation of luxury textile creating meticulous and one-of-a-kind furniture. We work with vast, bold color pallets and designs which convey both emotion and innovation. We tell a story through design. Our products are luscious, intricate and beautiful. They convey the narrative of their hand work and the story of our brand. Like the clothes we wear, telling of our identity and personalities, so are the spaces we dwell in.
iota has been chosen by leading, trend setting companies and galleries for collaborations as: Tom Dixon, Peugeot Automotive, Israel Museum and others. Find us in carefully chosen boutique stores worldwide as Mint shop in London, Raumwerk in Munich and in leading design weeks in Paris, New York and Milano. We are a small brand with unique abilities and big aspiration and promise. We invite you to join our community and hold our pieces in your heart and space.


The extraordinary creativity of the Missoni family combined with the know-how and technology of a company such as T&J Vestor, a leader in its sector, together with the refinement and the quality of the finished product underlie its business philosophy. The rich mosaic of furnishing fabrics and fittings are expressions of a modern and up to date mood, of collections embedded with a high creative content of quality and of a powerful identity and assertive international profile.

“French design manufacturer established in 2009, Petite Friture aims to produce objects that create a spark, designed by emerging talents. With their complicity, Petite Friture offer elegant and accessible objects that in a simple and unhibited manner tell a story; objects that understand our daily life and invite us to savor it”.

The sophisticated moment. This desirable state of mind where the beautiful and the impeccable merge in time and space, awakening and captivating our senses. The stylish looks, the physical sensation, the smooth breeze, the beating of the heart and memories that last forever.

Quality, elegance, care: the row materials for Verzelloni's works. Sofa, chairs and armchiars created with pure craftmade attention are at Verzelloni's elements of contemporary design, never noisy. A company which always renews, is aware of its tradition and of the new challenges to engage in.