Essential Wallpaper Collection and Style Colors 2019

Essential Wallpaper Collection - the  wallpaper range that redefines the decorative value of material textures. An alternative world compared to great narrative designs, focused on patterns which thrive on repetitions, in geometric progression.


A triumph of patterns featuring hues which evoke the earth tones of sienna, ochres, reinforced by gold which confers additional refinement and luminosity.
Textures emerge from surfaces, unveiling circular and ethereal geometries which transform into material effect fans, emphasising a sophisticated lightness.
Small light details in metal support the sheer strength of inlays on surfaces, while also creating repetitions in patterns.
Lastly, the intention to broaden the combinability of patterns - already rich in micro-details and inlays – in various colours, is palpable in the re-edition of two textures of the 2017 edition.


Therefore, the third edition of the Essential Wallpaper Collection consolidates the collaboration between Wall&decò and Studiopepe, renewing itself and reconfirming the flair of Christian Benini.
Wallpaper patterns are complemented by five new hues of Style Colors, the range of premium wall paints available in tonalities which are coherent with the decorations collection, both in terms of style and sensitivity. Nuances are skilfully combined with patterns and relaunch their effect of elegance and tactility.