PAOLA C. | new brand!


It was born from the meeting and subsequent professional partnership between Paola Coin and Aldo Cibic who, from 2000 onwards, began to design objects for the home, but more generally objects that could encourage meetings between people. 

Paola C.’s vision goes beyond the idea of formal design and proposes a dimension of elegance out of time and fashion. The Collection stands out for its intense and refined simplicity, a soft and harmonious sign which is often generated by a certain degree of imperfection. Paola C.’s objects are simple and at the same time unique, suggesting a spontaneous and never conventional use for them.

Starting in 2014, Paola C. added to the Collection the Stories format: short stories by a single designer, who openly interprets the values of the brand. “A New Roman”, the first story designed by Jaime Hayon, was followed by Table Joy by Aldo Cibic, Dolce Vita by Cristina Celestino, Lunar Landscape by Elisa Ossino and Coquille by Chiara Andreatti.

After nineteen years of Artistic Direction during which he contributed with his creations to the success of Paola C., Aldo Cibic takes on the role of Creative&Cultural Advisor, assisting the property in the supervision of creative activity and the international promotion of the brand. From April, 2019 the Artistic Direction is headed by Gaia Bottari and Istvan Böjte who, after having worked in the last three years on the renewal of the brand identity, will now effectively oversee the products, the installations and the communication strategies.

In Milan, in the reserved courtyard of Via Solferino 11, is located the showroom of Paola C.: a familiar and refined place where you can learn about and discover the entire production of the company. A changing exhibition space, with delicate tones and sophisticated finishes, in which dedicated exhibitions and more institutional events such as the Milan Design Week take place periodically. 


by Jaime Hayon

Inspired by the vessels of the Roman Empire, this collection transforms antique references into a celebration of contemporary craft.