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The outdoor proposals are designed for different contexts: For country residences among vineyards or summer environments near the sea the tones are cheerful yet softened by the sun. For country situations in sunny locations among clay sands, white cliffs and dry bushes, the games of lines and flowers take on precious neutral shades. These waterproof solutions are designed for spaces or terraces on land and also for indoor-outdoor areas on the water.


outdoor fabric

A sophisticated mosaic of sandy tones and white, like a salt flat. Amongst the veins of bushy greens and delicate violet, colours are softened and dusty, but still full of decorative vitality. The passion flowers and different stripes interact with ease, balanced by the same color codes and the textures and structures are rich with relief effects


outdoor fabric

An intriguing summer puzzle of textured textures with weatherproof structures. On white ecru fabric the colours are sweet, diluted and bleached by the sun. On the rough bases of panama and full-bodied linen-effect canvases, the nuances move between oil yellow, olive green, berry red, grape tones and petrol blue. The sign of this mood, the poppy, is interpreted in printed multi-colour or a sophisticated no-colour textured jacquard weave. The game of lines is varied; nuanced graphic stripes, 3D relief greek structures or parasol style bold stripes.