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In the second half of September, BROKIS is lighting up FERIA HÁBITAT VALENCIA with a stunning presentation in Hall N3-P2, Stand C36. We invite you to come see our new products first-hand and experience the BROKIS brand as never before. And while you’re doing so, we’ll be there to answer all your questions.


One of the key items we’re showcasing in Valencia is a new light by Japanese designer FUMIE SHIBATA called AWA.

‘A ball made from air wrapped in liquid is called “awa” in Japanese. The design is based on the idea of creating lighting resembling soft glass that’s retained its shape after being inflated. I hope it gives the impression of seeing a ball of air floating when you look up. Another characteristic of this design is that its wood and metal parts appear to be made of glass, as if they were stoppers (corks) for the air.’ Fumie Shibata


Among the other showcased collections are the BIG ONE and Jack O'Lantern lights by art director Lucie Koldova.


‘This new large-format light with a matte core by designer Lucie Koldova embody a gentle poetry, simplicity, purity, and balanced proportions. A key role is played by the inosculation of luminous bodies and their mutual interaction in space.

The sophisticated design of a bubble suspended in the centre of a large sphere evokes a sense of levitation. Outer glass available with glossy finish in colours: transparent and smoke grey transparent. The inner glass comes in matte finish in colours: triplex opal, smoke grey transparent, red transparent and light pink transparent. Big One collection is available in two sizes.‘


‘This modern lighting element with marble base, metal frames and a “pearl” placed inside, designed by Lucie Koldova, rounds out the variable Jack O’Lantern family. The new table version combines the beauty of handblown acid etched glass in smoke grey, light pink or triplex opal colours with marble base Carrara or Satinated nero marquinia, in frames with copper, chrome or chrome black liquid metal coating.

The Jack O’Lantern Table is available in two sizes and its Small version comes in size of 325 x 260 mm. This subtle and geometrically balanced light offers a wide variety of combinations. It can be hung separately or in vertical lighting arrangements. In addition to the suspension variant, there is also a wall composition comprising five frames joined in a single module for up to five glass spheres, which rely on nothing more than gravity to stay in place.

Also on display, some of the essential lighting collections that have become iconic symbols of the BROKIS brand: Muffins, Lightline, Balloons, Macaron, Shadows, Mona, and KNOT.



Knot is a collection of stately pendant lights that appose two dramatically dissimilar materials. The design combines coarse natural fibre with smooth, transparent handblown glass to arouse a contrast as striking as it is dignified.

Full-bodied globes of varying shapes and sizes are penetrated by robust cords that seemingly pull the bottom of the glass inward for a bemusing plastic effect. The LED light source is housed in a handsome top hood, which, like the cord end cap, is fashioned in refined metal. The collection comprises four pendent lights of different shapes available in two sizes.” Chiaramonte Marin

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The Czech premium lighting brand BROKIS represents select design, world-class quality, and the exceptional craftsmanship of Bohemian glassblowing masters. The brand’s original lighting collections, conceived by both Czech and foreign designers, have earned considerable international recognition. The company combines handblown glass with other refined materials, such as wood and manually pressed metal, in bold lighting compositions that push the boundaries of contemporary design. The BROKIS portfolio features modern functional lighting fixtures, decorative objects, and unique lighting solutions for architects and interior designers. With its own high-capacity production facilities rooted in more than two hundred years of history, BROKIS is free to experiment and develop innovative materials, techniques, and technologies as well as offer bespoke lighting solutions.