For almost 20 years, ibride has become the emblem of a sensitive and instinctive design. Enigmatic bestiaries and dreamlike creations have been nattering and investing themselves in our homes.  Favouring the made in France, mingling traditional know-how and the latest techniques, the workshop writes its own mythology with its multitude of amazing characters. IBRIDE is a unique language of design that is including us in its adventure between tales and reality. it is a remarkable universe to be discovered.

“French design manufacturer established in 2009, Petite Friture aims to produce objects that create a spark, designed by emerging talents. With their complicity, Petite Friture offer elegant and accessible objects that in a simple and unhibited manner tell a story; objects that understand our daily life and invite us to savor it”.

Vito Nesta is a designer who graduted in Interior Design in Florence; although originally from Puglia, he lives and works in Milan.
Designer, art director, interior decorator and artisan, he's driven by his attraction to foreign culture, using his travels as a persistent form of inspiration. His creative thoughts are expressed through projects of graphic and product design, interior decor, photography and painting.