“Benetti stone philosophy” It is a collection of carved stone slabs, conceived as one-off pieces and taken from precious monoliths to convey naturalness, enhancing the matter’s own value. The new collection’s variety of sizes transmits uniqueness, while the finishings recall the material’s own poeticalness, composing a complete series where sophistication coexists with strong personality.
BENETTImoss is the first vertical maintenance-free garden. BENETTImoss is made using a moss which remains stableover time needing just a 50% or higher humidity. it can be placed in rooms without natural light.

After almost 40 years of study, research and creativity, Rosario Parrinello, entrepreneur careful of ceramics arts and guardian of Mediterranean cultures, created in 2001 the Made a Mano, a company that is distinct and specialized in working or processing of the clay and lava stone. The company was founded in Caltagirone – Sicily – a city with over 4000 years of history for the production of ceramics, it is located approximately 60 km from the Etna volcano, unique and exclusive source of all production of products made of Etna lava stone.