AGAPECASA dedicates a new compendium to the refined icons of the Mangiarotti Collection.

The Mangiarotti Collection by Agapecasa Complete Catalogue

Agapecasa dedicates a new compendium to the refined icons of the Mangiarotti Collection.

This book was born as the result of a long-standing collaboration with Roberto Barazzuol and, through a new and exclusive photo shoot, gives the reader a new glance on the beauty of the timeless objects of Angelo Mangiarotti.

The meticulously curated universe of the Milanese master where form, geometry and matter are linked inseparably, is revealed through the photographs of Matteo Lavazza Seranto and the contributions of Andrea Ferrari, Leo Torri and Maurizio Zatachetto.


A new and complex project, animated by the idea of finding the perfect space to show and tell the iconic pieces designed by the great master Angelo Mangiarotti and produced exclusively by Agapecasa.


The modern architecture of the location, an unfinished residential building still under construction, surrounded by greenery, has been interpreted through a palette of colors dominated by bright green and chocolate brown.

The refined and curated settings and styling enhance the products in a sequence of environments that narrate the entirety of the collection and showcase the possibilities of furnishing compositions for large environments.

Click here to discover the backstage of the shooting with Roberto Barazzuol and photographer Matteo Lavazza Seranto.


The catalogue offers the reader a complete and in-depth view of the Mangiarotti Collection describing its art and history, section by section thanks to its well articulated structure and organization of the contents.

The typography, the careful choice of papers and the precious details pay homage to the exquisite and authentic originality of these extraordinary objects, transforming the catalog into an object of value, a real book to keep in your library.


You'll find pages dedicated to the making of the products where the craftsmanship of the materials and the polishing processes become the symbol of the experience of the best Italian artisans.

Two inserts offer a more in-depth view: pages made special by the content and a careful selection of papers. The first, "Angelo Mangiarotti: a portrait", is dedicated to the life and career of the architect and his and delicate intuitions; the second, "The perfect place", is about the "Abitare Gonzaga" exhibition set-up in 2016 in the historic and extraordinary location of the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua.

Page by page, each and every object of the Mangiarotti Collection is thoroughly described. Tables, chairs and bookshelves are introduced by sketches and tales of the long research and experimentation process that became a distinctive feature of the Maestro’s projects, since the Fifties. The products, with all the details, are then illustrated through detailed technical sheets, like the one that offers an overview of the shapes of the Eros table or the different configurations of the Cavalletto and Loico programs.


From the variants to the measures, going through the finishes and materials section: technical pages that offer a 360-degree overview of all the Agapecasa products.


Roberto Barazzuol Art Director, graphic designer and stylist, Roberto Barazzuol has worked with the most famous names in the Italian and international fashion (GAP and Benetton) and design industry like Arclinea and Arper. In his work, the style he interprets is a tale of elegance and cultural refinement. 72steps is the name of his current studio operating in Udine, Italy.

Matteo Lavazza Seranto Professional photographer since 2004, he lives between Udine and Venice. Always attracted by photojournalism and research photography, unexpected circumstances pushed him towards photographic projects related to the world of design and furniture resulting in some prestigious awards for his work. In the last ten years, many of his projects have found the way to print, both commercial and art.